SOLD WTS 272m SP pilot with nice name

Skillpoints applied:

250,724,415 SP

Skillpoints unallocated:

22,844,000 SP

249.67 applied
22.84 not applied
272.51 m sp

Books Injected 8.1b
clones value .89b

Rare skins:
have the Draugur / ikitursa and nergal Nifhel Gildclaw skins

rare Book:
Mobile refinery operation (useless but bragging rights)

I agree to sell myself by 255b but the buyer is taking much time. Three rare skins

i am in npc corp (check in game), no killing rights, positivewallet, located in high sec, i pay the tramsfer, all ccpr ules apply

Ok. Give me please few hours to come back from work.

i change the title by the way and waiting


yes ready and here. edit you are in a fleet and online

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I aacept your offer

account name send. Money send.

Isk received and account name. Give a minute to made the transfer.

Please answer the thread when you receive the eve nail or the pilot.


Transfer done

character received. All good all good.

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nice. enjoy

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