WTS 122M SP Pilot

Entertaining offers on the pilot below:

• 122 Million Skill Points
• 321 Ship Skins
• No Kill Rights
• Currently Docked in Jita with 3 Jump Clones
• Positive Security Status
• Positive Wallet
• NPC Corp
• 2 Remaps Available

Starting bid 95 billion ISK


Bump. Looking for a bit more than the minimum bid.


Xijer - Offer accepted. Please send this character the ISK and an eve mail with your account name. Once complete, I’ll initiate the transfer process.

Isk and email is sended, please initiate the transfer process

I received the ISK but not the account name. Can you please send me an EVE mail with your account name? I will begin the transfer upon receipt.

Sended you

Character transfer has been initiated to the account provided. Please submit a post here once received.
Screenshot 2024-07-08 215526