[SOLD] WTS 29M Loki\Vargur Marauder Pilot

Hola, traders, I am for sale.


Worth to mention:

  • decent scanning skills and Cheetah driver
  • Loki driver with access to T2 HAM, HAML, AC, Artillery
  • MARAUDER IV Vargur pilot with T2 guns and support


  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita 4.4
  • Security status 3.8
  • No Kill Rights

Starting price 28b
B/o 30b.

Offer 28b
For science :grin:

29B offer

Mct doesnt transfer over with account. So if you sell this before jan 14, you still have mct on your account. Im curious as to why you cant do a normal character transfer

Yep, MCT is not the reason.
Mentioned it just cause it’s activated and better for a character/next owner to suck that SP. if buyer don’t care I don’t care either.

Technical issues of character transfer caused by the inability to pay for this service of CCP by standard payment methods on the eve online website in my country. So to get this service (which I got few times, thanks to CCP), people like me obliged to use technical support.

Again mct doesnt matter. Similar to clone status, those are account bound not character. So either way. Mct will not follow the character

Kinda disagree to agree vibe?
Nobody said that MCT will follow the character.
The reason I mentioned it - cause it`s not follow. /o\

So whats your point? If you want character - make acceptable bid.
That simple.

anyway thx for free bumping. o7

I’m interested but I am confused why you are saying it will take 3 days for the transfer can you give an explenation

I guess tech support takes longer than char transfer. Which even then, before they did away with plex transfer you had to go through the gms and it was still 10 hrs.

Cause it took exactly 3 days in my last transfer between my accounts.
Maybe cause request was established during Christmas events, or technical support had limited human resources. Or both.

As @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras said usually it take longer with plexes cause service not automated and need attention of customer support to a ticket.

In similar case at this forum character transfer took 1 day as usual.
Here - WTS 83m sp - #17 by Ki11er.

30B offer

Learning process and MCT just finished.

In next 24 hours I will accept highest bid.
2 hours after DT, 13.00 ET.


skillq not working

Ups. Got IRL shenanigans. Traveled 35000 miles and and some impressions.

Links are up to date. So, kinda bump :melting_face:

Technically you won.
I just missed due to IRL shenanigans.
I can accept your offer if you still looking.

28.5 bil isk ready right now

I sucked 2m of not important skills to match your offer and initial announcement.
Check PM in-game.

If you ok with that, your offer is accepted. Send isk and account name in-game so I can initiate transfer.

Offer withdrawn

hm? you view another isk/LP ratio?
make an offer in new circumstances. maybe I would agree atm.