*SOLD* WTS 32.3M SP PvP / Force Recon Cyno / Soon-Blackops Battleship Pilot * SOLD*

Selling this born-2011 toon with 32.3M skill points. Awesome PvP/cyno/covert ops pilot, with skills in a variety of ship roles, including:
– Tier 3 Cruiser (T3C) (Proteus)
– Force Recon/Cyno (Arazu) - Use me as your cyno toon! Cynosural Field Theory IV (Training to V)
– Covert Ops (Arazu)/ Stealth Bomber / Exploration / Hacking
– Marauder (Kronos)
– Training to be a Black Ops Battleship bridger (around two weeks remaining on train) - Jump Drive Operation V
– A few days from piloting a dreadnought

125,000 Unallocated Skill Points

Also includes good skills for planetary interaction (PI) for passive ISK-making.

See eveskillboard here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Vamoran_Umphari
(passcode 1234)

No Kill Rights
Located in Jita 4-4 in NPC Corp
Implants worth over 100M ISK - http://www.evepraisal.com/a/p3hi9
Positive wallet balance
All CCP Rules Apply

  • Accepting reasonable bids - Buyout lowered: 32B ISK (Can close quickly)

20 bil

Thanks for the offer but too low.


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Today’s bump

21 bil

Thanks for the offer but still too low. Aiming for the 30s.


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Bumping. @P4mela_chu, would you like to offer a higher price?

22 bil

Thanks for the bid. Still too low.

daily bump. considering all offers

25B pay by plex

@EverGreen_Chin That works for me. Please send me a mail in-game.

Deal, give me half hour, I will back home and login

Sounds good - thanks.

Sorry friends, I need fly carrier, my fault!

Ok - confirming for everyone that the toon is still for sale.