WTS 13mil SP Orca/PvP Toon


(Lady Nuke'em) #1

Looking to sell a toon I had always planned to work on however I don’t have the time. She has an awesome name and has many of the core skills required to be great in PvP; just needs some training or skill injectors.

Starting bid: 5 bil
B/O: 10 bil

Auction will end at the end of October 31st.

The toon says it has 16.5mil sp on eveboard, however that is incorrect.


Skills that are not level 5 but say so on eveboard are as follows.

  • Propulsion Jamming lv 4
  • Survey lv 0
  • Gravitation Physics lv 0
  • Interdictors lv 0

Yes I’ve updated API info for eveboard, however it’s not recognizing that I’ve extracted and injected skills. If you have any other questions about skills feel free to PM me in game.

(TxivYawg1) #2

6 bil

(Avallah) #3

7,5 bil

(GaryJ1 Hunan) #4


(Red Lola) #5

8bil here

(Lady Nuke'em) #6

Update: Leadership has been trained to 5. B/O lowered to 10 Bil

(Miguel Balderian) #7

Sorry Nevermind

(Avallah) #8

Please update eveboard

(Lady Nuke'em) #9

API key is already up to date, eveboard doesn’t recognize skill injecting or extracting. I’ve had this problem multiple times with it.

(Miguel Balderian) #10

10 Bill Buy out Please.

Confirm acceptance and I will transfer isk and account information.


(Lady Nuke'em) #11

10bil accepted, send isk and account info

(Miguel Balderian) #12

Isk and account details have been sent.

Thank you.

(Lady Nuke'em) #13

Character transfer initiated. take care of her :slight_smile:

Please confirm on forums you’ve received her once transfer is complete.

(system) #14

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