SOLD - WTS 36.3M SP 2004 Character - Freighter, Mining, Expl, Tengu

Looking to sell myself:

36.3M SP
256k unallocated SP
Industrialist, Ratting, Freighter Pilot, Great at Scanning as well

Gallente Freighter
Mining Beast (Mining Upgrades V, Ice Harvesting V, Tech 2 Mining Crystals, Mining Barge V)
Transport Ships
HACs and Caldari Battleships - great for ratting
Great for Production and Industry
Fitted with scanning implants

Located in Jita, No kill rights, NPC Corp, One JC located in Apanake with basic learning implants, Remap available now and 2 bonus remaps available, Pos sec status, Pos wallet

Reserve Hidden, No Minimum Bid
32B B/O

Make me an offer I can’t refuse and he’s yours.

28 bil

Bid acknowledged and meets the min - will see where it goes in the next day.

29 bil

30 bil

Thanks for the bids - given we are above min, I will sell to whoever has highest 24hr from the time I posted.

Confirming Taylor Rinne as winning bid - please send 30b isk plus account name via evemail and I will xfer the character.

Isk and account info sent.

Isk received…trying to xfer the character but the payment screen under transfer character is not working. I have tried with two browsers and now a second computer, it seems dead. Filing a petition.

Ah, was some error about being logged in…the new website UI is awful. Transfer initiated, good luck with him.

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Thank you! Pleasure doing business.

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