[SOLD] WTS - 37,4M SP Capital Focused Pilot

Starting Bid is 25B
Buy Out is 32B

Positive Wallet
Positive Standings
No Kill Rights
Located in High Sec
Jump Clone to Jita

Fighters 5
Light Fighters 5
Drone Durability 5
All Drone Support Skills 5
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Drive Operation 5

39K in Unallocated Skill Points

Pilots both the Hel and Thanatos
Thanatos Skin Included

2 Remaps available.

The details: EveSkillboard - Gage Osborne

start you off 25b

BUMP - Current Offer is 25B

BUMP - Current Offer is 25B

If you are still willing, I will take your offer of 25B.

If still available, can offer 26 bil

@Acc1den7_Aldent - Yes, he is still available. I accept your 26B buyout.

@Acc1den7_Aldent I sent you an in-game mail. Please forward ISK to Gage Osborne and account information you would like him transferred to. Thanks!

@Acc1den7_Aldent I have received the isk and have initiated character transfer:


27 Sep 2021 18:46

EVE Character transfer

Isk send and confimation recieved

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