WTS 24m SP Thanatos Carrier Ratting Pilot

(Super Dazz) #1

WTS myself - Thanatos pilot - Nyx pilot/sitter

Character is in NPC corp regardless of what the eveboard is showing you.


Points of note:

Positive security status

No killrights

Fighters V

Great support skills

1 remap available

B/O 30B

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #2

16B B/O

(Perpetualed) #3

18 billion

(MC Purge) #4

28 billion

(Super Dazz) #5

28b accept, send isk and account info

(MC Purge) #6

Will send as soon as I can log into the server. It seems to be down right now.

(MC Purge) #7

ISK has been sent, along with an email with the account name to transfer to.

(Super Dazz) #8

Will start transfer once I am home from work

(Super Dazz) #9

isk received, transfer started. thanks!

(MC Purge) #10

Character has been successfully transferred and received. Thanks!

(system) #11

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