[SOLD]WTS 37m sp Exhumer and gila pilot

Specialized in mining and drones, speced into the gila for pve and PI with 6 command centers.
Exhumers to 4 with enough free sp to push it to 5 if you want to.
Caldari and gallente cruiser 5 to maximise gila skills.
37mil sp 1.2mil unallocated.
current location Jita
positive wallet
positive standing
no infrafctions
no jump clones

7bil bid

Salistania 17B bid

18bil bid

I will give it till I get back from work today.


Salistania I can match the 18.1 and I can send the ISK now!


18.2 bill isk ready

deal gina. will start transfer once I have the isk and info.

isk and account info has been sent to salistania

Transfer has started. enjoy your new character.

I received the email. Thx for a smooth transaction.

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