[SOLD] WTS 40M SP Naglfar Dread / All Races Dictor

Cyrokos Darksoul - 40M SP

Pilot is a Naglfar Pilot that comes with:

  • Minmatar Dread 4
  • Capital Ships 4
  • T1 siege
  • Shield Tanked
  • JDC 5
  • JDO 5
  • JFC 4
  • Propulsion Jamming 5
  • Dictors 4
  • All Racial Destroyers 5
  • All Gunnery and Missile Support Skills at least 4 (some are 5)
  • Mining Skills (Exhumers +Ice&Mercoxit)
  • AFK VNI Ratting Skills: Gallente Cruiser 4, Heavy Drones 5, Drone Support Skills at least 4, Navigation Support Skills at least 4
  • Can sit in all T1 subcapitals of all races (Destroyers T2)

Bonus Injected skills:

  • Caldari Dread +XL Torps
  • Armor Skills

Remap Available now

Located in TTT Perimeter, No killmarks/killrights/bounty, NPC Corp, positive sec status (negative status with Sansha), all CCP rules apply. Transfer will be done by PLEX or at buyer’s expense.

Opening Bid: 25B

Open to Buyouts

28 bil buy out

25bil buyout to corpmate

Yeah sorry to the dude above, but I’ll sell to the corpmate for 25b.


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