[Sold] 43M SP Nag Dread and Rorq pilot. Great WHer

Selling this toon as I dont have the time to run another wormhole any more.

Great Nag Dread pilot, Rolling rorqual, Rolling HIC and scanning. Really good pilot for a C5/C6 or null sec if you improve the indy side. 40k free SP. 2.1 sec status, positive wallet, located in Jita 4-4 in NPC corp and has no kill rights.

Has 3% cap recharge, ogdins eye coord, 3% cap capacity and 3% turrent dmg implants.

Link to skills

Starting bid: 30bil
Buyout: Havent got one in mind, suprise me.

Link doesn’t work for me. Fell free to message me IG and we can discuss price.

Updated the skills link. Hopefully you can see them now.

I sure can but its not for the right toon!

Sorry, lets try again…

Yeah that one works. Ill bid 30B.

30.5bil offer

Any further offers?

31B offer

32b offer stand for 24h

Unless anyone beats @Shvz_Fairy before the offer expires I will be selling to them


I’ll end the bids when I finish work tomorrow. So whoever has highest bid at 1600hrs eve time gets it.
Bids here not in game to keep it fair and open.

33b 24h standing


33.5bil by @Reese_With-Her-Spoon takes it. Please provide payment and account details in-game and i`ll start the transfer

Isk and account details sent.


Isk received and transfer started. Thank you.

Pleasure doing business with you.


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