*Sold* WTS 48.7M sp JF/DST core skilled toon

WTS Me: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Snoopyqube

48.7M sp
JF Pilot: Gal Freighter 4/5, JF 4/5, JDO/JDC/JFC 5/5
Armor: 5.1M sp
Drones: 9.5M sp
Engineering: 5.2M sp
Navigation: 8.2M sp
Shields: 5.1M sp

Current clone in Jita 4-4: 4x +5 implants, and Armor, Hull, Shields +5%
Additional clone in Jita: 5x +4s
Yearly remap plus 1 bonus remap available
Has Rorqual + 2 carrier skill books injected but untrained.

Standings +/- (nothing tanked)

Start: 40B
Buyout: 43B

Buyout accepted.
Sent isk and account information

Logging in now to confirm
Edit: confirmed, give me like 10 minutes to get the transfer under way.

Transfer started: https://imgur.com/LqfoGvq

Got the email from CCP
Awaiting transfer completion

Character received.

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