WTS 58.7 M Combat Pilot for sale

Character Skills

Security Status: -0.03
Wallet balance: Positive balance
Kill rights: None
Jump clones: 3, Amarr, Jita, and Shuria (all high sec)
Character Location: Dodixie

Character comes with +4 impants (current clone), one clone with +3 implants (Jita) and one close witha set of Genolution Core Augmentation Ca- (Shuria).

I will pay for the transfer.

Would you accept a 55 bill B/O?

Yep, B/O accepted.

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Excellent! Will message with account details and send ISK now

55 billion ISK transferred.

Account name has been sent via evemail. Please confirm.

Confirmed, isk and account details received. Working on transfer now.

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Character has been transferred enjoy!

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Email confirming transfer received. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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