WTS 33M SP All around starter pilot

i’m selling myself
pass 12345
almost 34M SP

2 jump clones:

  • Amarr VIII Oris
  • Perimeter TTT

security status 1.04
4.06 with caldari navy
6.79 with SOE

wallet positive

location: Jita
no kill rights
improved implant set for training
EO-603 implant
SE-803 implant
blackglass implant
23 skins

i will pay the transfer as soon as the link provided by CCP works and not gives error like now.

24b extractor value

Starting at 24b.


still up, can we get more ?



26b it is then. send the isk and details and i will initiate the transfer @Doeeett0001

Isk & Details sent.

You gonna do it soon? @t0xx

Isk received, character transfer started 2 minutes back

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