WTS 51.8M SP Subcap Pilot w/Leadership Skills

After an extended break away from Eve, I’ve returned and another of my characters who continued training has trained into all the skills necessary to replace this pilot so the time has come for me to sell her to someone who can use her.

51,882,093 SP

Near perfect combat booster; all warfare links maxed with only fleet command at level 4.
Both command destroyers and command ships at level 5.

Strong gunnery skills
AWUG level 5
Legion & Loki subsystems all at level 5
HAC level 5
Recon level 5
Marauders level 4

Character does not have any skins installed

Character has four jump clones, populated with over $3.5 billion ISK in implants, all now in hisec:

Clone #1 - Genolution 1-4/+3 CPU/Armor&Skirmish (Active Clone)

Clone #2 - Genolution 1-4/+3 CPU/Shield&Skirmish

Clone #3 - MG Slave Alpha-Omega/+5 Gunnery/+5 Armor HP

Clone #4 - +4 Attribute Implants/+5 Gunnery/-7 Armor Rep’er Duration (Numon Heirloom)/+3 Armor & Repair Amount (Navy Noble Implant)

Infomorph Psych level 5
Infomorph Synch level 4

Character is currently mapped into Perception/Willpower.
Next Neural Remap Available: Now
Bonus Remap Available: 1

Character is located in hisec
Character has a positive security status
Character is in NPC corp
Character has no kill rights available
8.25 standing with Kador Family & 9.63 standing with Sisters of Eve, otherwise no notable standings.

No set buyout but I’m willing to entertain offers. Any questions, please ask via IGM to this character.

Hey, would you take 45b as a B/O

Sure, that seems like a reasonable enough offer. I’m signing off for the night in a few minutes but if you message me the account details for where you’d like her transferred and send over the isk I’ll get the transfer started as soon as I get home from work.

Sorry mate, another tooon bought

No worries, I’m in no rush. Cheers


Just can do about 35bil it’s all of my isk.


Sorry for delay had issues with computer, I’ll send isk and Accnt this afternoon

As soon as I get isk, I’ll begin transfer.

@KayGreat_113 I never received any response from you and it’s been 14 hours since your post…

I’m going to assume that this bidder has flaked, let the bidding continue.


can u accept 40? i have nw around 35 but can get the 5 in an hour.

Since it’s Christmas… come up to 42 and you’ve got a deal.

ok, please give me an hour.

My banker send you the isk and acc name one moment ago

Please send me to inactive seller the api if you can, want check some things in evemon.

happy holidays

I’ll be online in about 40 minutes and begin the transfer and send you the info.

Transfer initiated and api information sent over… I’m not sure how long the api info will work with the character being transfered but give it a shot. Cheers & Merry Christmas!

Received, i am playing with the api and updated to the new account when received =)

Very nice char =)

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