Hi there I am selling this toon coz i have already too many of subcap pilots.
It’s in NPC crop and has 2x sets of implants located in Hi-sec, One jump clone in Rens:

  • 1 remap available
  • positive standings with all Hi-sec NPC factions.
  • 318k unallocated skillpoints
  • no kill rights
  • positive wallet
  • It’s located in Amarr system.



Looking for good offers.

edit: text formatting.


thank you for starting bid :slight_smile:

so what this toon good at?
missile? drone?

it’s good WH toon all from Covert ops to Marauder. Need some polishing with few skills and will be perfect as main sub cap pilot.

bump bump

58 bn buy out

make it 60 and it’s sold instant

Fine. Sending isk

isk and account name sent

okidoki setting up transfer ASAP

posted a ticket waiting for support to move toon to your account

How long does this take? I still haven’t got an email confirming the character had been transferred or even started to be

it did vanish from my account it should be already at yours. I guess due the weekend it took a bit longer than expected

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