SOLD - WTS 144m SP PVP - SC/Carrier/Dread/Fax/subcap toon


I’m offering my “main alt” toon for sale. Initially it was my supercap alt, then became my “all-around” alt trough the years.

Skills to note:

  • Caldari, Gallente and Amarr carrier 5
  • Caldari dread 5
  • Strong Drone / Missile skills
  • Subcap: Marauder 5, Logi 5, AF 5, HAC 5, Recon 5
  • All level 5 scanning
  • Many others :slight_smile:

Jump clones ( all in HS, or close-by LS ):

1, Jita: Mid-grade Asklepian set with implants for high-level abyss ( Sacrilege )
2, Hek: Mid-grade Crystal set with missile implants ( Tengu, etc )
3, Rakapas: Mid-grade Amulet set
4, Tunttaras: Mid-grade Virtue set

Positive ISK balance, no killrights

I’m looking for 90-95 B ISK offer

75b offer

Thanks, looking for a bit more

80b offer

Thank you! We are getting closer, I’m still looking for a bit higher offer.

85b offer

Thank you for the offer! If you can stretch it a little bit more, we are close to have a deal here!

88B If you agree, I will recharge it now

well, I got outbid and bought something else, seems they deleted their offer :man_shrugging:

Anyways, my offers withdrawn.

85B offer The isk is ready

I’m really sorry, I was not able to check forums lately!
The 88 B offer was really close to what I would accept.

Daily bump

Fine char but the name is meh.

Daily bump

Bump, looking for a decent offer! :slight_smile:

85B offer

Hi! Accepted! Please send and evemail with the account name to transfer the toon, and ISK of course.

Did you sell it 85B offer

? 88 B

ISK and account info sent,plz check