(Sold) 60M / Amarr / Dread / Carrier / FAX pilot

Positive wallet
In highsec
No jumpclones
No killrights
Toon is located in Chaven in highsec

Edit: The skill website has not updated, but i dropped corp + moved it to highsec before i made this post.

Amarr focused and 59m SP + 120 unallocated so basically 60m sp

Can fly capitals and most amarr ships, and some others. (Rev, Archon, Apostle)
Good as a dread / fax toon

All armor compensation V
Remote Armor Repair System V
Amarr BS V
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Amarr dread / carrier IV / capital ships IV / Exhumors IV
Many Drone skills at V
Most engineering skills V and so on
Leadership V / Mining Director V / Mining Foreman V

Looking for around 30b

Buy now 35b

sent u a message in-game



30B offer

31b offer, isk is ready


@rushia_uruha 33b and we got a deal

OK,33B bid

35b bo

also 35B

@Ruo_shu willing to go higher than 35? If not its yours @rushia_uruha

36b, last call


@rushia_uruha sold to you for 37b, send the isk to this character and eve mail me who i should send the character too.

Please wait for about an hour. I am at work

Isk and ACC info have been sent

isk recieved, transfer started.

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