[SOLD] WTS 5.1M production/invention character for T2 modules

Wallet balance: 0 ISK
Kill rights: no
Jump clones: no
Character location: docked in high sec 0.9
Remaps: 1 yearly + 2 bonus

details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Seeer_Irr

Starting bid: 4 Bil.
Buyout: 5 Bil.

I can offer 3.5b!

4.00b, not gonna stayvalid forever tho

4.00b, accepted. Contact Seeer Irr ingame for account info and to send isk!

acc name and isk sent

Isk received, character transfer of Seeer Irr initiated. Thanks and fly save!
Dont forget to remove the char from eveskillboard!

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