SOLD------WTS 5.2m SP planetary interaction pilot SP farm

Located in Jita 4-4
No kill rights, 0 wallet
+4 implants
2 remaps

All PI skills at V
For SP farming the Science group of skills is mapped.

Starting bid

to the top

I will pay 3,75Bil B/O ISK for the toon

Can we find a compromise at 4bil?

ok 4bil

Is this sale still open? i would like to make an offer.

4.5b b/o

Yes, sale still open.

Current bid: 4.5b

That was my buy out offer to get it done fast

Can we do this?

Yes, please send the ISK and transfer info.

As long as I don’t receive this information I consider the sale still open. But yes, 4.5B is okay.


is this still available ?

Yes it is

bump to top

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bump up

bump up

starting bid of 3 bil

3.1 bill

Not enough. We were at 4.5 already