[SOLD]WTS 5.3 Mil Can Use Amarr Gunner or Skill Farmer Character


Can use Amarr Gunner or Skill Extract Character

Total 5.3 mil SP

High Valuable Implant

Positive Wallet,
No Kill Right,
High Sec Clone,
Docking The Forge Trading area

All CCP rules apply

Start : 4B
B/O : 5.5B

I bid 4b and a quick hj

Well… if there’s no other buyer, I’ll call you.

I want to wait a little longer.




It’s been enough time, so if you’re still interested in this character, leave a comment.

offer retracted

If Skinny doesn’t hear from you by tomorrow morning, I’ll leave you a comment.

retracted, bought another toon, good luck


4,3B buyout

Ok, I’ll accept ur offer. plz send ingame e-mail (inclued ur account name) to teka aluk, and send the ISK.

As soon as the deposit is confirmed, I will send it using the character transfer function on the eve online homepage.

Ok, in 2 hours i will come back home and pay you.
See you later

ISKs and account name sent using my alt Fitzwilliam Darcival.
Let me know when the char transfer starts.
Thank you.

Chracter Transfer Done. THX

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