WTS 5.5m Starter/Confessor/SPFarm alt

Selling this character: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yuu_Nishimura
Password is 1234

Amarr Destroyer V
Amarr Tactical Destroyer IV
T2 Small Energy Weapons
Power Grid Management V
CPU management IV 1/2
Weapons Upgrades V
Hull Upgrades V
Mechanics V
Drones V
All gunnery supports IV

Positive Sec Status
Low Corp History
Cool Name
Many injected skills (Ex nightmare alt)

1 Bonus Remap, Neural remap available.
Currently Per/Will, no implants

5.5b b/o

Hello, i will offer 4.5B. Isk is ready now
i have made multiple offers on charcters, first to accept i will buy the toon

I have purchased another character
I subtract my offer.
thank you for your time

5b b/o

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Accepted, please EVEmail account information + send isk and i will start the transfer.


ISK Received and transfer started. Thanks!

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