Looking for pricecheck on me, with possible option to sell.
43mil matar chick alt with matar ships skills. An alt i dont realy have any use for anymore.
1 normal remap
2 bonus remaps
simple name
Nagl with t1 guns (28d from t2) and t2 siege
Basic bomber
Black Ops (Panther)
Command ships with T2 shield links (claymore, sleipnir)
Recon and Force recon (Huggin, Rapier)

some other stuff:


Thanks for the price ckeck. Seems like i’ll sell it afterall

ok so can i send u isk and

Not yet, ill be home in aprox 15 hours, a lot of borders here are closed due to that virus thingy. As soon as iam home we can do it.

ok then

Oke iam home now, we can start whenever you want. Prefferably in few hours though its like 11PM here

ships are not included in the sale if thats what your first post was implying.

Nop, no assets included but some ammo and maybe few cap boosters and stuff like that. nothing big.

nothing like ammo either… anything that can be purchased in game at a station, cannot be sold with a char… just skins that are attached to character and implants that already plugged.

oke ill trash it all then

done and ready
edit: ill be on tomorrow, its realy late here iam goin sleep

ok i’ll be online from now next 8-9hr…let me know

i just woke up so we can do it whenever you want

cool… isk and account name sent in game

received, initiating transfer

46009396 3/16/2020 12:09:23 PM UTC Credit Card 1 x EVE Character Transfer €20.00 Paid

transfered and fee paid, please confirm

I received confirmation mail about transfer.Thx for the char.

thnx for business o7

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