WTS combat alt with unique name 5 mil esp starter

great starter toon:

minmatar destroyer 5
missile launcher 5
gunnery and small projectile turret 5
power grid 5
industry at 5, getting ready for mining
can use t2 mining mods with mining upgrades 4
has drones at 5

best of all, has the “suicide kings” in the name lol
check him out

http://eveboard.com/pilot/suicide_kings_kaboom 6

I will follow all CCP Rules
positive isk balance
no kill rights
no jump clones
in high security space
has 2 remaps
no corp history
looking for 5bil OBO

bump to the top

You need some cybernetics skills on there mang

4b isk ready

will accept offer, if you like, please send isk to the same toon for sale and i will process the transfer as soon as i get home from work in 4 hours

ISK sent, account info mailed. Thanks! :smile:

excellent, will transfer as soon as i get home!

transfer initiated enjoy!

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