WTS 50.8 M Minmatar 2006


  • 2 jump clones with random implants
  • Some random skins
  • 6 RESEARCH AGENTS (last time I cashed them in, it earned ~800m) PASSIVE INCOME
  • Pretty good miner
  • Can fly a DST
  • T2 Arty
  • Lots of basic support skills that make your life easier
  • Parked in Jita 4-4

Asking 50B or best offer

Thank you for your time

35 bil

36 bil


38 bil


Thank you for your bids.

I’ll let this run another 1-2 day or so, see what happens.

I’m putzing around with this character in-game, it has alot of sentimental value, lots of memories. But I’m also tired of seeing his face on my character selection screen, tired of the name, tired of the whole “minmatar freedom fighter” schtick. I dunno if any of this makes sense to you guys. I hope someone actually uses him instead of melting him down for skill extractors. I’m training a skill or two, so you’ll probably get 51M sp instead of 50.8M sp, consider it a bonus.

Daily bump \o/

39 bil

40 bil.

40.5 bil

41 bil


Well it’s time to crap or get off the pot I guess.

I try to contact you, Jayce Oriki, in-game to set this up.

I’m planning to pay for the xfer in plex, hope that’s ok.

That’s fine I’ll be home from work in a few hours will transfer isk then

Isk and account info sent

Char transfer submitted to CCP.

Best of luck all around.

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