WTS 62 Million SP 2006 Minmatar, Carrier 5, Heavy fighters 5, Great Name

WTS my 2006 Super ratting toon. He started off as a holding toon before Keepstars and i trained him to use my ratting fit.

Required Information:

  • Based in Jita
  • No Jump Clones
  • No Kill rights
  • Positive wallet


  • +5 Implant set
  • Low corp history
  • Great Super ratting character
  • Min Carrier V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • Jump Freighter IV
  • JDC / JDF V

EveSkillboard link here

Asking 50b

45 bil

Quite a bit lower than what I’m looking for to be honest.

you will not get 65b or anything close to that for this pilot. you will wait a very long time for nothing. good luck…



Situation has changed, dropping price to 50b

i’m still welling to buy for 45bil if you agree

Free bump

would you consider 50 to close it out? im online and ready to transfer

47b at best… or i’m out.

ok 47 accepted

isk and account info sent

transfer complete. let me know if you need any specific information to confirm

no, that’s good enough. thanks!

you’re welcome.

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