Sold-WTS 23.5 MILL. SP BS pilot
Make me an offer. Able to fly all battleships and tech two drones except for heavy, also able to fly hoenix with torpedo fit as well. Character located in Amarr, positive isk. No kill rights.

how soon are you looking to sell this toon

I will sell it once a nice offer is made, hopefully as soon as possible tho.

Bump bump

It like to offer 15B, isk ready for quick deal.

15 billion will be a good deal I suppose, i have some errands to run. I will reply back to you when ready to do the transfer

Sounds good, I should be on for a few more hours.

I am ready if you are

Isk and account information sent

I have submitted the request to CCP to complete the transfer.

The transfer process has been initiated.

Transfer will he complete 09/04

Character received, thanks for the smooth transaction

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