WTS 58m sp character, perfect gunnery support/fitting skills

(Natlia Cambrisa) #1


password 1234

postitive wallet
positive sec status
in hisec
No kill rights

Lots of lvl V skills
great gunnery skills
great fitting skills
great drone skills
good mining as well

b/o 55b

(Mah Boh) #2

Password pls

(Natlia Cambrisa) #3

edited to include password

(Mah Boh) #4

I don’t really need/want all those miners skills, 48b

(Natlia Cambrisa) #5

If no bids by the time i get off work, (8 hours from this post), I’ll let it go for 48b

(Investor Joe) #6


(Mah Boh) #7


(Demba Aivo) #8


(Natlia Cambrisa) #9

I will be off work in an hour, highest bidder then will get the sale.

(Mah Boh) #10

50,5 billions

(Demba Aivo) #11


(Mah Boh) #12

51,5 Bol :joy:

(Demba Aivo) #13

51.6 Bil

(Natlia Cambrisa) #14

ok the hour is up and winning bid is 51.6b. send isk and account info.

(Demba Aivo) #15

ISK and account info sent

(Natlia Cambrisa) #16

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Natlia Cambrisa

Will be completed after: 2/8/2018 6:12:54 AM

(system) #17

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