[SOLD] WTS 61mil SP almost perfect Subcap pilot - Pvp focused [SOLD]

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jay_Dellacorte

61Mil total SP, 3.3mil unallocated SP.

Starting bid 35bil

I will sell it within the next few hours, so first come first serve.


37b ready

38 b :slight_smile:


I will end the bidding by 4 - 5 PM UTC, 3 - 4 hours from now. If no higher bids by then, it’s yours.

About 40 minutes left, I wanted to ask though would you be willing to go just a slightly bit higher? - 38.2b if possible please, and you can have it now.

Retracted, thanks for your time.

Okay you ready to do the trade?

I’ll contact you in the game to work out the details.

Well I guess Maizie didn’t like my bio.

Still for sale unless @Bruce_Cannaway gets back to me

Ok I’m off for today, the bid will continue till tomorrow.

41b~~can i take it today?

You certainly can.

When are you available?

Still up for sale

i will buy it by 3 - 4 PM UTC,you can end the bidding。41b~~

Ending the bid.

Also please reply on here just in case I forget so we can proceed.

I’m on the line.
According to the regulations, you pay the transfer fee.

Hello, I’m on the line now.

Can we trade now?
I’m on the line now.

Im here now and I’m ready, how do you wanna proceed…