SOLD - WTS 53.1m SP + 408k unallocated SP

  • 408k Unallocated SP
  • Positive Wallet (19k isk)
  • Sitting in Jita
  • No kill rights

Starting bid 43B with 55B B/O

Bump. The price is negotiable.

43B I want

where is character located?
any killrights?

@Jerry_Falcone Currently sitting in Jita, no kill rights. Editing main topic and adding that as well.

@snowman_cn Current high bid :smile: Going to see if there’s any more interest over the next day or two. If not, it’s yours.

I’m sorry. I found another role. I gave up my offer

35b offer.

Bump. Would you be willing to do 39B?

39B offer


Current highest bid is @Byron_Chambers

Will accept that when I get off work today (5PM EST), if nobody else has bid

@Byron_Chambers Bid accepted, if you’re still game. Send me the isk and details when ready and I’ll kick it off ASAP :slight_smile:


isk and account name sent

@Byron_Chambers Thanks man, isk received and transfer started. Will post once I get the processing e-mail.

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