(Sold) WTS 55.7M Minmatar Pilot

Sec Status 5.0
Net Worth 3.69B
Based in High Sec
No Kill Rights
Remap Available
Can fly Naglfar

60B or best offer


A little taste of what my Machariel pilot is capable of: Video

Use: Eve Online Standings Tracker (tools4eve.com) to create a Skill sheet so we can see what the character is trained in.

id probably buy but i need to see some skills man

Bump, added skills sheet


53B offer.

When you say ‘net worth 3.69B’, do you mean wallet balance or something else?

Net worth according to the character sheet, so assets and wallet included

If the 3B comes with character and is accessible (ie. assets are in NPC stations). I’ll increase my offer to 56B.

Please confirm about asset accessibilty.

All in NPC stations

Only assets that are fixed to the character IE LP, Implants, Skins, HS Capitals, etc. are only things allowed to be included in the sale.
You are free to leave free stuff to the new owner, and not deal with left over “crap” but it can’t actually be included as part of the sale/price/negotiation.

I warn, because I give it about 30 minutes before an ISD rolls in and locks this.

Edit: Also, Misaba… Good luck with that, those guys love their Asset safety undock.

I’m satisfied with this offer, let me know if you’d like to go ahead with the purchase of my character.

If so, send me an EVE mail and I’ll tell you where to send ISK etc.

I’m still interested in the character, but I just looked at the rules and he’s right. No assets can be included in the price so I have to retract my higher offer.

Strip the assets (if you want), and my offer is 53B again. That’s still over market prices at almost 1B isk per 1M SP, so you’re getting a lot.

Great, I looked over the rules too and realized my error. Let me take care of the assets real quick. I accept this offer as I don’t think I’ll get any better in any reasonable time frame.

Great! I’ll send isk and account info now.

I got the isk and contracted all the assets to my alt, commencing transfer!

All set! Enjoy your adventures!

Transfer will be completed 8/25/2023 5:14am

I see the character coming, all set. Thanks!

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