SOLD: WTS 15M Machariel Incurison character

(Dean Stardust) #1

Hi folks.

Selling this character who can run incursions with the thevalhallaproject (see and LV 4 missions as well.

Character sheet:
No password


  • Ready to run incursions
  • Decent core skills
  • Shield focused (for incursions)
  • Decent PI skills for the next EVE update
  • Light employment history (NPC and self corp)
  • Positive security status
  • Nice name
  • 2 remaps. Current focused on Perception/Willpower


  • Negative standing with Amarr (-3.62): restrict to agent lvl 1
  • Negative standing with Caldari (-1.97): no restriction
  • No social skills (which can help on those negative standings)

The character:

  • will be docked in Jita IV-4
  • will have positive wallet (50M at least)
  • has no kill right
  • has no jump clone

Starting bid at 13B.
Buyout at 20B.

(Brock Khans) #2


(Dean Stardust) #3

Won’t lower the price under 13B. I can extract myself :wink:

(Dean Stardust) #4

To the top

(Dean Stardust) #5

To the top

(Aki Onnlin) #6

I’ll go 13B.


for your

(Dean Stardust) #9

ARWEN SOUL withdraw his offer. I’m for you for 13B if your offer still apply.

(Aki Onnlin) #10

Done… I’ll log in shortly and transfer the ISK.

(Dean Stardust) #11

I’m online, feel free to start a conversation to finalize the transfer.

(Aki Onnlin) #12

ISK sent…

(Dean Stardust) #13

ISK received.
Transfert done.

(Dean Stardust) #14

I’ve received a mail saying that the payment authorization failed but the character is under transfer right now. The weird part is on my PayPal account it’s OK.

Did you get a confirmation mail yet ?

(Aki Onnlin) #15

Yes. I received confirmation the transfer has begun.

(Dean Stardust) #16

Ok, nice. Thank you !
Will monitor the payment fee.

Character sold.

(Aki Onnlin) #17

I’ll confirm here when it is received, but all appears fine.

Thanks for the character!

(Aki Onnlin) #18

Character received and as advertised. Transaction complete.

(system) #19

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