SOLD WTS 59.5m SP Gallente Pilot Toon Excellent for Fleet Command and more

La Jefa
59,557,972m SP Toon
Located in Osmon High Sec
2 Avaliable remaps
Clean Record
Clean Assets
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Full Industrial Pilot 1 step away from Freighter
Full Trading and Social Skills
Full Planet Management Skills

5 out of 5 Skills In Corporation Management
14 out of 15 Skills In Fleet Support
8 out of 13 Skills In Navigation
5 out of 5 Skills In Planet Management

Bids star at 45B

i’ll start you off with a 45b offer
Also if you don’t mind could do a
also please?

La Jefa

47bil offer

50b offer

Update most of the skills character have prerequisites for will be added


Toon update

Now locates in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assambly Plant

La Jefa




If Big Pops don’t answer in the nex 10 min the toon is your

Zonin Firestone the Toon is yours, you 20min to answer or the sale is going to keep on

If he doesn’t answer, ill give you 53b for it, isk ready

Toon Online Absolute Truth

Im online and ready when you are

Spoke to seller in convo, seemed somewhat shady. I’m withdrawing my bid.

I wasn’t shady i just ask you for 5 min to verify mi connection

Isk and account info sent.

Character Transfer