WTS 75.4m SP PvE/PvP Caldari/Gallente 2008 sub-cap King – great for all sizes Attack, Covert, Command or Log Support Ships

I am for sale! Located in Jita IV, Moon 4, CNAP station – 75.4m SP toon, originally Caldari specialist, now cross-trained in Gallente up to Battleship with solid supporting skills across the board. Perfect for fitting in with any fleet doctrine with minimal wasted SP. Many other racial ship skillbooks injected for future diversity.


I’ll be logging in every day for the Skillpoint season promos. SP will be used to accelerate the current queue.

• Capitals: Advanced Spaceship Command at V and numerous Capital skillbooks already injected
• Strategic Cruisers: Proteus & Tengu with all Subsytems at V (bar Caldari Propulsion)
• Pirate Faction: perfect up to Rattelsnake and Barghest

• Can fly any Caldari or Gallente combat ship, up to Battleship – as well as Command and Logistics variants
• Both racial Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battelcruiser and Battleships at V
• Racial Strategic Cruiser and Tactical Destroyers at IV (Gallente Tactical Destroyer at V)
• Assault Frigates, Covert Ops, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Interceptors, Recon Ships at V
• Command Destroyers, Command Ships, Electronic Attack Ships, Logistics Cruisers, Marauders at IV

• All sizes Hybrid Turrets V, with all Specilaizations at IV
• Maxxed Gunnery support skills
• All sizes Missiles V, with all Specilaizations at IV (Cruise in training now)
• Maxxed Missiles support skills plus Bomb Deployment IV
• Most key Drone skills at V

• Solid core skills across the board – Armor, Shields, Engineering, Navigation etc.
• Plus excellent Logistics Support, Rigging, Scanning, Fleet Support and Electronic Systems coverage

• 3x Highsec Jump Clones, 2x neural remap available now
• Wallet balance = 0; no kill rights; ISK to me please

All normal CCP rules apply & abided by

Starting bid: 68 billion ISK
Buyout: will consider serious offers


Appreciate the starting bump. Best bid so far! :wink:

Optimistic starting bid but good luck :smiley: also toon needs to be in starter corp.

Have dropped corps as of about 30 mins ago - but guess it might take a while to feed through. :+1:

ehh estimated extraction value is 58mil for this toon lol… I offer 58 bil anything over that is over payment.

Thanks - but current bid stands at 68bil. I’d consider a serious B/O offer above this amount.

Otherwise, toon will go to Ba1t - starting bid set accordingly.


71 bil

If you think the price is ok, we can do business now

@lei_Okel 75 bil buyout to wrap this up this morning before the weekend.

Online now and through the day.

OK 75 bil

In game now - send ISK to this toon and I’ll start the transfer

Deal. I will send ISK and account details.

Received - am initiating the transfer with details sent in game


We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Mitolina

Will be completed after: 7/19/2019 5:14:46 PM

Thank you, I have received it

It was a fun shopping experience

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