[SOLD] WTS 155MIO SP / Caldari / Gallente Toon from 2008

Short overview



She can also Fly the Wyvern and a Nyx

if you have Questions , just ask :slight_smile:

Starting bid: 100b

When I see a buyout I like, I’ll accept.
Don’t waste your time with lowballs below the starting bid, but I’ll take the free bumps.

Positive wallet & sec
No kill rights
Located in Mista (Implants = EE-603 and Republic Fleet Command Mindlink)

Jumpclones in

  • Jita (EE-602 and MX-1003 implants)
  • Gehi
  • Ichoriya (Ice Mining Implants IH-1003 and Zor’s Custom Navigation Link)
  • Kisogo (SC-803 Beancounter Implant)

All CCP transfer rules apply.

100b offer

105b offer

106b offer

107B offer

Isk ready now

convo me i am online

So you accept my offer ?

yes i will

i am online right now

Ok sweet sending isk and acc info

ok … i wait for the account info

Isk sent

transfer started

should be transfered at 4/7/2024 @ 20:09

many thanks and i wish you fun with it

Character received