SOLD -- WTS: 6.2M SP, PvP Assistant (hot af!)

I am selling myself for 6.0B isk. :money_mouth_face: Can’t make rent :sleepy:.

Me love you long time daddy :heart_eyes:

Character Name: PvP Assistant
Birth Date: 2022.05.06

Wallet Balance: 69 isk
Kill Rights: 0
Character Location: Jita 4-4
Jump Clones: None
Currently in NPC Corp: Yes

Standings/Sec Status: 0.0
Killboard: 0 kills, 0 losses
Attribute Remaps Available: 2
Skill Points: 6.2M
Skill Details: SkillQ.Net-PvP Assistant
Skins Applied: 145

Smokes: Yes, 2 packs a day
Drinks: Like a fish
Fetishes: Champagne Enemas
STDs: Nothing permanent

You know you want me.



Isk sent and details sent from my alt.

Isk received.

I successfully submitted the account transfer request. FYI, it shows as "Transfering to xxx (your acct), “Will be completed afte2/14/2024 2:27:10 PM”

Thank you!

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received. thanks

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