PVP Character 100mil SP


Positive wallet

No killrights

17b in assets also

Nice KB

Great choice for pvp

Right link on skillboard was added

Skillboard doesnt show the skills.
Offering 55b

lets have a deal with 65b. I will pay transfer fee

wasted little skills in sience and industry,and armor skill is not perfect enought,but still an acceptable char,I’ll offer 57b

i will accept your offer, if nobody want this character in next 8 hours

after your confirm I’ll send isk within 8h



I will accept the last offer, which will be made in 7 hours

You can’t sell assets along with the character, any assets must be transferred prior to sale taking place.

offering 58.5b

looks like you win, ALT

fine then,let’s do this? ISK ready

yea, send isk and account name to my character

right away

to this character?

yea, to Marine 314

im tring to reach you in game ,for last confirm,plese loggin and check

Character Sold

please transfer char into account “lothric1991”,thanks