WTS me 62mil PvP beast


40b offer

Will offer 41b

45 and we have a deal

ok i will buy at 45

send isk and account info evemail

am i correct your toon is not even in an npc corp yet

isk sent awating transfer

isk in wallet, store assets and start transfer.

character not been transferd at this time yet

Transfer started

account recived but looks like most of the skill points extracted , petition time

this character is linked with Tyme Kafshaz, i sent isk and info to this morning and no response from him after…

hes scamming you

considering they erased the original post, or the new owner did, when it wasn’t supposed to be erased, can’t see the skillboard or other info to see if SP was extracted or not.

ccp just give me isk back and he def skill extract and sell injectors

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i saw the transactions on the toons account, for the short space of time i had it

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