SOLD - WTS 66M General PVP PIiot

(Jathis) #1

Selling General PvP Pilot
pw 1234

High drone skills
Positive Wallet
Sec Stat 0.66
No kill rights
Currently in NPC Corp
Character is in Jita
Implants - Genolution Core CA1, CA2, CA3, CA4
Remaps: 3
This character will receive payment

Starting Bid 30bn
Open to buyout offers.

(Rookuza Ambraelle) #2

35 b bid valid for 2 hours

(Jathis) #3

Thanks, but ill hold,

(Rookuza Ambraelle) #4

Offer retracted

(Jathis) #5

You cannot blame a man for trying :wink: I feel movement in your offer.

(Rookuza Ambraelle) #6

Will buy another pilot :slight_smile:

(Jathis) #7

Have a lovely day

(method man06) #8

Deal made ingame, sent ISK and account name

(Jathis) #9

ISK received, awaiting account details

(Jathis) #10

Account name received, commencing transfer

(Jathis) #11

Character Transfer underway…

Character Name: Jathis

Will be completed after: 5/16/2018 4:57:36 AM

(method man06) #12

Mail received, thx you sir !

(system) #13

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