SOLD - WTS 72mil Focused Minmatar Pilot - Dread/Carrier V

Update: Full Re-sculpt available…


Can fly nearly every Minmatar Hull with excellent Gunnery, Drones, Fitting & Support skills.

Highlights include:
Carrier V
Dread V
Battleship V
Logistics Cruisers V
Capital Projectile V

Positive Wallet Balance

No Kill Rights

Jump Clones all in Hisec

Character Located in Hisec Station; Liekuri (The Forge)

Implant Sets:

FULL set of High Grade Amulets (Armour Slaves)
Jump clones have learning implants (+5s/+4s/+4s respectively)

256k Unallocated Skill Points

Attribute Remap Available

I will pay transfer fee, all CCP rules apply.

B/O - 65bil

Has a full re-sculpt available if you want to smoosh his face in and start over…

OP updated to reflect this.

Daily bump…

60b offer

Offer accepted - Please send ISK & account info (via EVEMail) & I will start the transfer.

isk and account name sent

ISK received, transfer started.

Thank you.

Email Confirmation of transfer received, Thank You