Sellling PvP/PvE Minmatar Pilot mit 26,7m SP + Amulet Implantate für Minmatar dred

This Character was before my fun character and I start really before any days again Eve. Many things are changed and I want start from 0m SP

With this Character you can fly lvl4 missions in caldari, minmatar and Gallente space. His security status is positiv. He need not many days for the minmatar dreadnough

In one maybe two months you have a full skilled minmatar dreadnough pilot. To the Carrier you will need the same time

The Vallet is positive
No kill rights
And he is at Moment in the near of jita’t_Forget

I wait for your deals

This Implantats he has at Moment perfekt for the dread.

  • High-grade Amulet Alpha / Slot 1
  • High-grade Amulet Beta / Slot 2
  • High-grade Amulet Gamma / Slot 3
  • High-grade Amulet Delta / Slot 4
  • High-grade Amulet Epsilon / Slot 5
  • Eyfir und Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Large Projektil Turrets LP- 1005 /Slot 10

Hello! Would you please translate your post into english? Thank you very much.

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Is done now in English


13 billion, not exactly a focused pilot for much of anything. Needs a lot of work to get in a dread.

Dude i skill him all the time now fokusing on the dreadnough / Naglfar and 13 Bil is not many… the implantates are only temporally on the market for 2,5 Bil

Doesn’t matter, it’s not a focused pilot.

ASAP i skill him all the time i know what’s my price! At moment he is on dreadnough lvl 5 and alle spezialisations for the cannons.

after it i will skill him out on the Nid! for me is not a must to sell him i have time i play at moment other 3 characters and one is my main.

i give only a chance to everybody! if they want now ok if not its not a problem :wink:


only ISK buddy :wink: by the way i close the threat

Admins please close it ! i will skill him and maybe sell him later how full skilles capital pilot minmatar !

with the nag and nid skills on a high level

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