SOLD WTS 77m SP archon/dread pilot + much more +1m sp unallocted

B/O 65 B

starting at 15b isk
no wallet, no killrights, located in high space(Jita)

Pls message ‘Frivolously’ in game if youre willing to trade

BOUGHT for 65m ! (Wow never bought a charackter for 65 million before 0,0)

It was a typo, my guy.

yeah i figured ^^
ill start you off with 30b

If no one has any other offers, sold within 12 hours of this reply(unless someone b/o)

I’ll bid 35B

Updated OP with some small details
Please message ‘Frivolously’ in game for any questions!

sold to The Connoisseur for 35b

35B Isk sent along with account info

Too late to offer 40. Just got back online :confused:

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