SOLD --- WTS 88m SP PvP toon (Dreads and Titan)

Wallet balance 1 ISK
Kill rights None
Jump clones None
Character location Highsec NPC station

er… Padrick Millars Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

0 Injects 0 SP ???

Gotta love CCP’s ESI

Topic reopened.

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Skillpoints now showing correctly on the skillboard app

44B offer !!!

If I see 44b ISK show up on the toon and you eve mail me the account to transfer to we have a deal. If not, then I’m still open to another offer.

isk and acc send ,wait you transf
plz post end time in here

ok i will send now!!

isk send.pls check.and transfer start!

If you have transfered? I just called 44B to him

wait you transfer mail.if you sell it to another man,back isk to my char.

transfer done.
44b is back to u , @Victus_Vigoratus