[SOLD] WTS 9m SP + 5.1m UNALLOCATED, PI / Mining / T2 Hauler "A Generic Alt"


A Generic Alt
It was a Wormhole PI, blockade runner, gas mining prospect alt.

ISK positive, 0 balance
0 sec status, standings
No implants, jumpclones
At Jita

9.07m trained SP + 5.12m UNALLOCATED SP

PI: CC Upgrades V, Consolidation V, Planetologies IV
Mining: Mining V, Astrogeo V, Industry V,
Spaceship Command: Gallente Hauler V, Mining Frigate V
Level IV scanning and some support skills.

Starting bid 10b plase - any less than that, and I’ll just extract it myself.

11Bil。 ISK is ready

13b offer

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