WTS Industry/T2 Miner 9b


:white_check_mark: Industry V
:white_check_mark: Astrogeology V
:white_check_mark: Mining V
:white_check_mark: Reprocessing V
:white_check_mark: Simple Ore Processing V
:white_check_mark: Exhumers V
:white_check_mark: Mining Barge V
:white_check_mark: Mining Frigate V
:white_check_mark: Spaceship Command V
:ballot_box_with_check: Drones 1,230,825 SP / 10 Skills

:arrow_right: in NPC corp.
:arrow_right: positive wallet.
:arrow_right: no kill right.
:arrow_right: in Jita 4-4
:white_check_mark: All CCP Rules apply

I offer 5B

Might accept 8b

Sorry, I have another choice now. offer withdrew

8 Bill, isk at hand

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I accept, sent isk and account name

Isk and Info sendt

isk and account info received, transfer initiated. o7

Character received.

Thank you for the trade

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