[SOLD] WTS a Mining and Basic PVE pilot

Selling my mining and basic PVE pilot Tracey Swallows.
She has 7 jump clones which are all in High Sec space. Mainly implanted for mining and PVE.
As of 22-4-2018, she has 88,119,556 skill points.
1.75 standing with Gallente Federation
3.72 standing with Sisters of Eve
-1.26 standing with Caldari State
1.94 standing with Minmatar Republic
All the usual rules apply; pilot is located in Jita, no kill rights, in
Sebiestor Tribe NPC corp, positive wallet and positive 0.79 sec status.
Many expensive skill books injected - please check Eve Board.
Starting bid 20bil
Buyout 90bil

75 billion

76b offered

Thanks for the interest, just waiting for a few more bids. :slight_smile:

77 bil

Hi Maizie,
I am not going to let this bidding drag on for long so, since you have bid the highest, please send the ISK and your account details to me in game so I can start the transfer?


ohh yes Maizie, please message me on here when you have done so.


Good morning. Logging in for the send now ;=)

Hi Maizie,
Transfer initiated, as per CCP rules, there is a 10 hour delay for security reasons. (Although you can still check sooner!) Thanks, take care of her and fly safe …

Tracey Swallows is SOLD

Transfer confirmed. Thanks, T!

WOW - That was FAST !! LOL

That’s just an email from CCP confirming the transfer. Still have to wait the requisite 10 hours for delivery…

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