(SOLD) WTS Amarr Revelation pilot 16M SP

Character is now SOLD


Selling this Rev pilot, lots of other skill books injected;
2011 born True Amarrian,
Located in Jita,
Pos isk, no killrights,

Starting bid at 15 Bil


Bid 15 B, I have isk on hand

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If you’re still online, send her the isk and acct info and we have a deal…
I’m crashing soon so if not within 30 mins, it reverts back to high bidder.

Whoops, I fell asleep early.
can you confirm that I am the highest bidder and we have a deal? so I can send the isk and account name in game?

Still high bidder, send isk and acct name, I’ll be on for maybe 1 hr before I have to leave.


15B isk and account name sent to Kristina Yassavi

Transfer done, you should get a notification soon.

Thanks again,.

Thanks for working with my poor schedule as well! Transfer notice received from CCP

Toon received in account, thank you!

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