(SOLD) WTS C4 Red Giant with C4/C5 statics

Greetings. Now selling system J134732, a C4 Red Giant with C4/C5 connections.

Bomb Damage: +72%
Heat Damage: +36%
Overload Bonus: +72%
Smart Bomb Damage: +72%
Smart Bomb Range: +72%

1x Lava
1x Storm
2x Barren
3x Gas
1x Ice

1x Astrahus (clone bay, manufacturing, fully fitted minus rigs)
1x Athanor (reprocessing, unrigged)
Full POCO’s (0% tax)


  • System is unseeded.
  • Maximum mass of statics allows for subcaps only, no dreadbombs
  • SB bonus makes frigate holes a little less scary
  • Introduction to WH space including what to fly, what to do, and how to do it, available upon request at no additional cost.

Come make fat stacks of ISK. With the blackout, wormholes are now arguably safer than nullsec.

Please contact me here or in-game with any offers or questions.

Just fyi, the only kspace connection a non-shattered C4 can have is a Q003 nullsec frig hole.

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Can confirm

Acknowledged and edited. Info ripped from anoik.is with little thought. We have never come across the wanderers previously listed, so I am inclined to believe it.


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Sold. Thank you for your interest. This topic can be locked.

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