~~C5<C3 RG for sale~~ Hole sold! Op Success!

Getting tired of those pesky sleepers orbiting out of smartbomb range?! Wishing you could give up annoying high APM nestor/leshak multiboxing out of the static!? Boy do I have the hole for you!

In this deluxe, fully loaded C5 red giant; enjoy one of the finest dread krabbing experiences the game has to offer! The Red Giant is the one of the most sought after effects in wormhole space (second only to Magnetars); and the guaranteed C3 static means you always have a kspace connection, and are significantly more of a pain to seed than a standard C5-C5 (due to the mass limit of the static 3 connection).

This hole comes with a fully fit fortizar (about 12 bill); with an option to purchase dreads (at the price of ~4-5 bill apiece, based on individual fits) and assorted merchandise useful to running a farm hole (rolling carrier, BS rollers, zephyr, yatchts, etc) available a la cart (~6 bill in total).

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this limited time opportunity; please respond here on the forums, or send me a friend request on Discord ( Darth Tanzinas#5645 ) and we can chat via PM.

Please note that jtag/further information (besides information for basis for price specifics, like Naglfar fits; carrier fit; etc) will not be provided until funds have been secured with an agreed upon third party, to ensure a safe and mutually beneficial transaction for all parties. Once the third party verifies the isk deposit; we will get you into the hole where you can verify that everything looks as advertised. When you agree everything looks good to you; the fort and all purchased assets will be transferred to you. Finally, once you agree that everything paid for is in your possession; isk will be transferred from the third party to myself.

I look forward to hearing from all interested parties; let me know what questions/concerns you may have! In the meantime, Happy Krabbing!

Bump! I’ve already gotten several great offers via Discord, keep 'em coming!

20 bills

Do you have someone in mind?

I would normally use Elizabeth Norn for a transaction like this; but I’m not sure of her status in terms of being active in game. Barring her I’ve used Rocket X before (it’s been a while though), as well as more recently members of Signal Cartel leadership (pretty much unanimously regarded as trustworthy/honest people) over the years.

If none of those would be satisfactory to you; then I’d be willing to hear who you had in mind. However, I am going to be relatively picky about third parties, as I hope you can understand.

The farm has been sold! Thank you so much for all the interest; keep an eye out for the next sales post!

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