WTS C5->C3 Red Giant Wormhole

As title says, selling a 5-3 RG farm. This is my side farmhole and I don’t have time for it anymore so looking to get it off my hands.


  • Anti-cap fit (uncored) Fortizar
  • 3 Nags
  • 1 Rorqual
  • 1 Rolling Archon
  • Utility subcaps (rollers, dictors, 2 HICs, Zephyr, etc.)
  • Odds and ends (ammo, stront, fuel, etc.)

Please contact me via in-game mail for details including a complete itemized list of fits & evepraisal links. If certain assets aren’t wanted they can be moved out prior to purchase to ensure the package meets your needs.

Bare minimum price (i.e., Hole + fitted Fort and nothing else) will be around 15b

Also, for anyone unfamiliar with wormhole farming - as long as you can fly at least 1 dread you can make 1-2b/hr easily. I’m willing to show you how to do it for a minor fee - don’t let a lack of knowledge prevent you from trying wormholes out.

Ill take this off your hand with the 3 nags and the rorq

Check your in-game mail.

100% scam needs a 2b downpayment before getting into the wh

Guy is pretty salty we couldn’t agree to transaction terms.

Anyway, hole is still for sale.

not salty just sketched out by your terms

So much so you felt the need to come make multiple forum posts instead of moving on respectfully. Classy.

just to make sure other ppl don’t fall for this trap :slight_smile:

That comes with buying a WH from anyone in the first place; if ISK is so dear to you that you can’t afford a 2B loss then go find your own WH perhaps?

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